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Visions & Values

Our school Vision is

Inspired by St Jude, we pursue excellence in education, kindness in the community, and courage through faith.

The Christian thinking and local context behind the vision:

•  'All mercy, peace, and love be yours' (Jude 1: 2).
•  Our vision is inspired by our namesake St Jude, who taught others about the love and kindness of Jesus, encouraged them to understand and to hold to the truth of the faith, and faced danger and hardship with courage.
•  We are passionate about excellence in education as the foundation of every child’s experience at St Jude’s, combined with the pursuit of kindness in the community ― not merely our school and village community, but also the wider community of the world. Our school welcomes children of the Christian faith, another faith, or no faith, and we aim to give them all the resources to face their future with courage, confidence, and resilience.
Our school Values are at the heart of all we do. We want to develop the whole child in their time with us and we believe these values are crucial in doing this.

We have six core values and explore one per half term with the children through lessons and during our assemblies. 







Our Learning Heroes are linked to some of our values as we believe it is important to develop the children's understanding of themselves as learners and well as members of society.  

Learning Heroes

Based on Guy Claxton's Building Learning Power, and developed at Victor Seymour Infant School, our Learning Heroes are embedded in the learning of every class. Children develop an understanding of themselves as learners through these meaningful characters. 

Please click here for more information on Building Learning Power https://www.buildinglearningpower.com/about/what-is-building-learning-power-about/

Click the presentation above to find out about our journey with St Jude's Juniors to create our vision and values for both schools. 

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