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A day in Acorns

Acorns 1

A typical day in Acorns class includes two short periods of class ‘carpet time’ activities, such as stories, music, phonics, numeracy or circle time, together with lots and lots of child-led play. We play both indoors and outside every day. The Acorns staff team follow the children’s play interests to support their learning and development within this fun-filled and active environment.

Acorns Nursery provides flexible care.  Children attend either half or full time as follows:

Part time Monday to Wednesday

          Monday 8.45am – 3.00pm     

          Tuesday 8:45am – 3.00pm

          Wednesday 8.45am – 11.45am 

Part Time Wednesday to Friday

          Wednesday 12.00 noon – 3.00pm

          Thursday 8.45am – 3.00pm

          Friday 8.45am – 3.00pm

Full time Monday to Friday

          Monday to Friday 8.45am – 3.00pm

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