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Why choose St Jude's C of E Infant School?

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Open Days

Our Open Days are:

Tuesday 9th November at 10am and 1.30pm and Thursday 18th November at 10am and 1.30pm.

Please see below for our Prospectus and Open Day presentation.

We have also added a further two open day sessions on Tuesday 30th November at 1.30 and Wednesday 8th December at 9.30.

Please call the school office on 01784 435586 or email office@stjudesinfant.surrey.sch.uk to book a place.

If you are unable to make these times, please call the office and we can arrange for a school tour. 

What do parents say about the School?

"We loved the small but friendly and caring atmosphere of the school from the moment we first visited".

"It’s a lovely community where the children are happy and they love their school".

"I like the dedication of the teachers, the innovative teaching methods and the respect and kindness with which my child is treated".

"I like the quality of the food served, the lovely garden and the vegetable patches".

"Hearing a teacher talk about your child’s achievements as if they were the parent is simply wonderful!"


Responses from parents of EGIS, following our Remote Learning during recent COVID lockdowns.

Amazing support given the sudden circumstances. I feel like the learning is easy to follow - just difficult to get child to engage around siblings/puppy!

We really do appreciate the hard work from all the staff. We know how hard it is effectively performing your roles twice, one for the in-class children and then for the at-home children. After all we are having to do this ourselves combining our full time jobs with full time childcare and effective support to their learning. We're extremely satisfied with the content being provided to XXX.

You are all doing amazingly, thank you!



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