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Why choose St Jude's C of E Infant School?

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Open Days

Our Open Days are:

Thursday 9th November at 10am and 1.30pm

Friday 17th November at 10am and 1.30pm

Please call or email to book a place

01784 435586 office@stjudesinfant.surrey.sch.uk


Please see below for our Prospectus and Open Day presentation.

What do parents say about the School?

"We loved the small but friendly and caring atmosphere of the school from the moment we first visited".

"It’s a lovely community where the children are happy and they love their school".

"I like the dedication of the teachers, the innovative teaching methods and the respect and kindness with which my child is treated".

"I like the quality of the food served, the lovely garden and the vegetable patches".

"Hearing a teacher talk about your child’s achievements as if they were the parent is simply wonderful!"


Parent comments from our school reports in July 2022

"From the moment we first viewed your school we both walked out and said "yep, this is it" and wow were we right. From the minute Alfie started he felt happy and at home, the way that he was known so personally by Mrs Simpson and how he was treated and taught blew me away, he was given access to explore all his usual favourite activities but also gently pushed to learn by exploring new things and making friends. It has been a home away from home, a happy, small school where Alfie is known by name by all the staff and greeted so warmly every morning and he has absolutely thrived. His growth not only academically but socially has been amazing to watch."

 "We are very grateful to Mrs Fitchew for the wonderful year he has had and particulartly her willingness to provide opportunities for him to be challenged in the areas where he was ready to be stretched." 

"Her confidence and self belief has really improved over the year."


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